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Improving Our Community for Generations

As our community grows, we know there are people in need who we’re not reaching or who fall through the cracks. The United Way of South Hampton Roads Foundation ensures we can help everyone in the 757 thrive. The Foundation supports the efforts of United Way by providing a long-term base of financial support for United Way, its certified agencies and its charitable, social, educational, and human service initiatives, activities and purposes. The Foundation is a place where individuals and families can invest in the next generation of our community through planned giving vehicles such as: Endowed Donor Advised Funds, Unrestricted Funds, Field of Interest Funds, Designated Funds, Organizational Funds, Scholarship Funds or contributing to one of our existing Agency Funds.

In 2018, we launched the United for the Future Future endowment and programmatic campaign to bolster our efforts to create lasting, systematic change and ensure our ability to serve our community for generations to come. We began with an ambitious goal of raising $35 million over three years, but increased the goal to $40 million in response to the dramatic rise in need following the pandemic.

We are thrilled to share that we have not only met our aspirational goal, but we exceeded it! With this overwhelming support, we are poised to change the life trajectory of thousands of children, families and veterans in the 757. And with them, raise future generations of out of the cycle of poverty. The funds we’ve raised will strengthen United Way’s day-to-day services through investments in program expansion, allowing us to reach more people in need, and ensuring our sustainability far into the future.








Our Generous Contributors

The Batten Foundation
Joan Brock

Douglas & Marianne Dickerson
John & Joyce Fain

$1,000,000 - $1,999,999
Butch & Carol Everett
Paul & Lynne* Farrell
Steve & Mara Fredrickson
Goode Family Foundation
Conrad & Peggy* Hall
Wick & Bonnie Moorman
The Oliver Fund – Given in memory of Frances Lindsay
The Patricia & Douglas Perry Foundation
Sentara Healthcare
James & Karen Jones Squires

$500,000 - $999,999
Keith & Kim Curtis
Richard Monette
Gary & Glenda Philbin
TowneBank Foundation

$200,000 - $499,999
Stephanie Adler-Calliott & Don London
David & Helen Bernd
Birdsong Peanuts
Bruce & Lilly Bradley
Robert & Renee Broermann
Christian Broadcasting Network
Susan Colpitts
Dollar Tree
John & Susan Gill
Richard Knox, Jr.
Ron & Cindy Kramer
Thomas & Joan Lyons
Miles & Sandra Leon
John & Harriet Malbon
Penelope H. & Peter M. Meredith, Jr
Alan & Susan Nordlinger
Norfolk Southern
PRA Group
Paige Romig
Bob & Pam Sasser
Stephen & Russie Snyder
Deborah & David Stearns
Lewis W. Webb, III

$100,000 - $199,999
Carolyn Abron-McCadden
David & Valerie Arias
George Birdsong
Charles Barker Automotive
Checkered Flag Motor Car Company
The Damuth Family – Given in memory of Don Damuth
Gary & Gail Farrell
Richard & Martha Glasser Family Foundation
Mike & Pam Ives
Howard & Suzanne Kern
The Lantana Foundation – Given in memory of James Miller
Darleen Ann Mastin
The McClellan Family
Mark & Carol McCormack
Oriana McKinnon
James Miller*
Ann Rathbone
Angela Reddix
Ashlin & Wayne Wilbanks
$50,000 - $99,000
Michele & David Anderson
Stanley F. & Dolly Mannix Baldwin
John & Kelly Bishard
Elizabeth Darden
Tom & Bebe Edmonds
Marty* & Susan Einhorn
Johnny & Janet Ellis
Franklin Family Foundation
Tom Hurlburt
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lester
Rick & Karen Lombart
Mr. & Mrs. Charles V. McPhillips
Betty Murden
Hugh L. Patterson
Tom Robinson
Louis & Prudence Ryan
Randy & Lelia Graham Webb

$25,000 - $49,999
Employees of Baldwin Advisory, LLC –Given in memory of Marty Einhorn
Cabell & Mary Jane Birdsong
W. Taylor & Emily Franklin
Dawn S. Glynn
Peter & Karen Graham
Chris & Courtney Graves
Ryan & Joanne Inman
Mark & Debbie Jones
Tracy Keller
Mary Morin
Kevin & Cindee Riordan
Jim & Elizabeth Shumadine
Charity Volman

$10,000 - $24,999

Charles & Davin Birdsong

Keith & Mary Blunt

William & Paulette Galanko

Ashley Galler

Deborah Gill & Ken Stepka

Rebecca Hudzik-Presson

Thomas & Julianne Inglima

James & Tricia Izard

Jerry & Kathy Kantor

Natalie Kaszubowski

Kirkland Kelley

Paige* & Connie Lea

David Mele

Dr. Angela Mercer & Reginald Corinaldi

Mike & Megan Padden

Powell & Jacqueline Peters

Jane & Win Short

David & Kay* Stockwell

Taylor Family Fund

Michael & Barbara Taylor

Mac & Anita Weaver

Jonathan White & Shepelle Watkins-White

Ros & Katherine Willis

Gary & Diane Yates

Ryan & Jennifer Young

$5,000 - $9,999
Shirley Baldwin
Donald W. Blankinship
Frank E. Brooks
Edwin Childers
Caron & Blake Crouse
Susanna & John Dellinger
Michael & Stephanie Fowler
Eric Fox
Mike & Joanne Gentry
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Hasty, III
Brian Purcell
James & Joan Spore
Donna Speller & Rob Turner

Up to $5,000


Amy Bowden

Deborah Brady

Robin Byrd

Pat Creech

Denys Diaz

Marguerite Dickerson

George & Grace Dragas Family Foundation

Terrie Edwards

Jennifer & Burr Henderson

Kurt & Victoria Hofelich

Sarah Holtzinger

Raymond Lasalle

Odette Bonvouloir & David McCullen

Pansy McKenzie-Morton

Trish O’Brien

Caroline Oliver

Beth Ann Roberts

Dr. Aaron Spence

Bryan Stephens

Meredith Strand


Gifts Made in Memory of Kay Stockwell

Elizabeth Angle & Frank King

Elizabeth Reeves Ball

David & Caren Breithaupt

Joan Brock

Dollar Tree Employees

Robert & Dorothy Doumar Foundation

George & Grace Dragas Family Foundation

Ernst Family

Robert Fentress

The Furr Family

Gastroenterology, LTD.

Susan & Jimmy Gundlach

Heideman Licht Family Charitable Fund

Elyse & Lewis Kalmans

Elly & Merritt Lane

Dan & Lori Lavine

Travis McNail

Clint & Judith Midkiff

Siobhan Miller

Alice Rogers

Jason Shulweis

Wayne & Ashlin Wilbanks


Christine Wilson
Vice President, Foundation & Major Gifts
757.853.8500 x192
Kari Vincent
Manager, Foundation & Major Gifts
757.853.8500 x150

Priority Initiatives for Investment

United for Children

Your gift will make it possible for all children in our network with developmental delays and disabilities to receive real-time, age-appropriate intervention, and provide training and resources to improve the emotional well-being and educational readiness of our children.

Mission United

You can help triple the number of veterans and military-connected families that we are able to serve annually. Specifically, your generosity will support essential services, awareness and outreach, and additional case managers to meet the demand.

Mobility Mentoring

Your investment will support the training and expansion of the coaching team, a gap funding account and critical technology all of which are needed to transform the lives of more women in our community.

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