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Meet Bryan

January 27, 2021
Bryan first called the hotline when he didn’t have money to pay rent after being laid off from his job as a result of the coronavirus crisis. He admitted to the case manager that he is not one to ask for help, so this call was extremely hard for him. When it came to choosing between feeding his one-year-old son or paying his landlord—it was a no-brainer. But that left Bryan, a single dad, feeling scared. Not only did he face uncertainty of when, or if, he would go back to work, but he was terrified that he may lose custody of his son if he found himself without a place to live. When asked if he had food in the home, he reported that he had some noodles and bread in the cabinet that could get them by… for a little while. Kari, the United Way case manager assigned to Bryan’s case, connected him with school breakfast sites near their home along with lunch pick up locations from the foodbank to make sure they got what they needed while we continued to coordinate resources to ensure he and his son remained housed and healthy.

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