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Work Better TOGETHER.


Through Small Biz United you can maximize your philanthropic endeavors by joining your contribution with hundreds of other small businesses to help solve our region’s most challenging issues. As a small business owner you understand the future is what you make it. Together we can make a much brighter future for our community by helping those most vulnerable. When each of us thrives the entire region thrives. 
That’s smart business!


Small Business … Big Impact


For Your Community

Donating to the United Way directly fulfills the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors in our community.

• 90% of small businesses support local charitable organizations.

• Every dollar counts. When you contribute to help even one person, you influence the condition of all.

For your Team

Volunteerism and community involvement are a great way to boost company morale and attract top quality talent.

• Deloitte found that 62% of 18 to 26-year-olds polled said they would prefer to work for a company that offers volunteer opportunities.

• United Way volunteer events like our Day of Caring and Day of Action bring together almost 2,000 local volunteers who help make a hands on difference in South Hampton Roads.

For Your Bottom Line

Aligning your business with United Way’s mission will help attract and retain customers while making a huge impact in our community.

• Cone Cause research found that 83% of American consumers wish more of the products, services, and retailers they use would support a cause.

• Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship showed that 84% of company executives reported bottom-line benefits after they started a volunteer program.

For Your Charitable Contribution

Two Options to invest in our community:

        • $1,200/year membership or $2,400/year (Includes recognition level sponsorship of Small Biz Events!)
     • Quarterly networking events
     • Quarterly newsletter updates
     • Volunteer Opportunities
     • Applicable Affinity Group Membership
     • Recognition in Annual Report 

     • Entire investment is a charitable tax deduction

Contact Information

Adrienne Phelps • Key Accounts Manager 
United Way of South Hampton Roads • 2515 Walmer Ave., Norfolk, VA 23513
757.853.8500 x161 •


Join forces with Small Biz United, because good things happen when you give.

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