2017 Step 5: Campaign Wrap Up & Celebration

Remit early and often! Final campaign results should be submitted to United Way of South Hampton Roads within two weeks of campaign close to allow us adequate time to process pledges and thank your employees.

Steps to the Workplace Giving Portal remittance process:

  1.        Instruct your Relationship Manager to close the site.
  2.        Turn-in any fundraising money or cash/checks you may have so they can be added to the site.
  3.        Get Donor Report from United Way of South Hampton Roads to submit to payroll office.
  4.        Confirm totals are correct.
  5.        Submit file to payroll department.

Seven steps to the paper remittance process:

  1.        Include pledge forms in remittance envelopes (maximum of 50 pledge forms per envelope).
  2.        Keep copies of the pledge forms for your payroll department.
  3.        Include designation information.
  4.        Fill out remittance information completely.
  5.        Confirm totals are correct.
  6.        Copy the envelope face for your records.
  7.        Call your Relationship Manager to schedule a pick-up.

Be sure to celebrate your company campaign achievments!