2017 Step 4: Create the Right Ask

The number one reason people make charitable donations is because they are asked, which makes your role as a solicitor very important. This can be difficult, especially for first-time volunteers, but we have some easy techniques to help.

1. Group Solicitation

Assemble employees as a group to hear about the work of United Way of South Hampton Roads and ask them to make a contribution.

2. Personal Solicitation

Personally asking employees is very effective and gives you a chance to educate your co-workers and answer any questions. Remember, peer-to-peer is best!

3. Electronic Solicitation

Online giving makes it easy for your colleagues to contribute. Our Workplace Giving Portal is a secure online tool that is customizable for your company. Contact your Relationship Manager for additional information.

4. Mailbox Solicitation Campaign

Solicitation by mail can be an effective way to inform employees who are hard to reach or cannot attend group meetings. To make this approach as effective as possible:

5. Target Specific Audiences

Your employees are bombarded with messaging from many sources every day. The more you can target your employees, specifically speaking to their needs, the better. You can segment your campaign to increase results, and United Way of South Hampton Roads Relationship Managers can help you tailor messaging, events and other engagements specific to your audience’s needs.

6. Gift Matching

Many United Way of South Hampton Roads company partners have generously offered matches to help incent your staff to donate. People are 42 percent more likely to give when their dollars are matched. Whether you offer a 1:1 match or a 50% match, the program is an amazing way to inspire giving.

Step 5: Campaign Wrap-Up & Celebration