2017 Step 1: Campaign Planning & Year-Round Engagement

Allow sufficient time to plan your campaign and incorporate year-round 
engagement strategies
 to increase participation and reach your goals.

Engage your CEO and Senior Executives

When your CEO and senior management support the campaign and take part in activities, employee participation increases, setting the stage for increased contributions at every level.

Recruit a Campaign Committee

Don’t try to run your campaign by yourself! Make sure to recruit other enthusiastic and resourceful employees to help with the campaign.

Develop a Timeline, Checklist and Theme

Timelines and checklists are meant to encourage ambassadors and committee members to try new practices and create greater efficiencies for your campaign.

Promote Leadership Giving & Affinity Groups

Increase revenue within your workplace campaign by promoting leadership giving and inviting employees to join a United Way affinity group: 

Year-Round Engagement

Providing engagement opportunities for your staff throughout the year will increase participation and dollars raised.

More importantly, year-round engagement activities educate your staff about the impact they are making on our community and provide opportunities for United Way to thank them for their support, time and efforts.

Say Thank You

Say thank you and say it often! Thanking your staff is one of your most important objectives.

Step 2: Develop Goals and Measurable Objectives